Metallic Grey American Car Flag Magnet
Metallic Grey American Car Flag Magnet
Metallic Grey American Car Flag Magnet
Metallic Grey American Car Flag Magnet
American Flag - Matte Metallic Gray (Small)

American Flag - Matte Metallic Gray (Small)

Car Flag Magnets

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Small, Matte Metallic Gray


Bring the Flag With You Wherever You Go

Do you know that feeling of pride you get every time you see an American Flag? The feeling of pride when you remember all that our flag stands for and all of those who sacrificed to make American what it is today?

Now, bring the flag with you wherever you go with one of our new American Flag Vehicle Magnets. Our patent-pending design is much stronger than any other on the market and will stay on your vehicle at high speeds when it is pouring rain, and throughout even the coldest of winters. Experience that same feeling of pride again, and again, every time you see your own vehicle and inspire all of the like-minded patriots who feel the same way and love our country like you do.

Who Are These Magnets For?

Tactilian Car Flag Magnets are for those of us who want to display their American Pride on their vehicle, without the permanency of a sticker or decal. Our magnets are easily relocatable and do not leave any mess or residue when moved or taken off like a sticker or decal would. 

See a video review that one of our customers made below. It will show you how easy the magnets are to move around, how stylish and badass they are, and what you can expect when you receive yours in the mail! Get your magnet today and bring a little piece of America with you wherever you go and join us and over 5,000 other great Americans on our shared mission to spread pride and patriotism from coast-to-coast.

Free Shipping on All Orders Over $25. A Portion of Every Sale is Pledged Towards Helping Our Wounded Veterans.

Product Details

  • Approximately 6 x 3.75 inches.

  • Made with 30 mil thick magnetic material.

  • Matte black vinyl coating.

  • Individually cut in USA.

  • Easily relocated with no residue left behind.

  • Patent Pending technology on our unique design

Part of Every Sale Goes Towards Helping Our Brave Veterans

Homes For Our Troops is a nonprofit organization that builds specially adapted custom homes for severely injured post - 9/11 Veterans all over the nation. They are also one of the highest rated charities and almost 90% of all donations are put towards the cause.

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