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American Flag Matte Black (Large)
American Flag Matte Black (Large)

American Flag Matte Black (Large)

Car Flag Magnets

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Bring the Flag With You Wherever You Go

Do you know that feeling of pride you get every time you see an American Flag? The feeling of pride when you remember all that our flag stands for and all of those who sacrificed to make American what it is today?

Now, bring the flag with you wherever you go with one of our new American Flag Vehicle Magnets. Our patent-pending design is much stronger than any other on the market and will stay on your vehicle at high speeds when it is pouring rain, and throughout even the coldest of winters. Experience that same feeling of pride again, and again, every time you see your own vehicle and inspire all of the like-minded patriots who feel the same way and love our country like you do.

Who Are These Magnets For?

Tactilian Car Flag Magnets are for those of us who want to display their American Pride on their vehicle, without the permanency of a sticker or decal. Our magnets are easily relocatable and do not leave any mess or residue when moved or taken off like a sticker or decal would. 

See a video review that one of our customers made below. It will show you how easy the magnets are to move around, how stylish and badass they are, and what you can expect when you receive yours in the mail! Get your magnet today and bring a little piece of America with you wherever you go and join us and over 5,000 other great Americans on our shared mission to spread pride and patriotism from coast-to-coast.

Free Shipping on All Orders Over $25. A Portion of Every Sale is Pledged Towards Helping Our Wounded Veterans.

Product Details

  • Approximately 8 x 5 inches.

  • Made with 30 mil thick magnetic material.

  • Matte black vinyl coating.

  • Individually cut in USA.

  • Easily relocated with no residue left behind.

  • Patent Pending technology on our unique design

Part of Every Sale Goes Towards Helping Our Brave Veterans

Homes For Our Troops is a nonprofit organization that builds specially adapted custom homes for severely injured post - 9/11 Veterans all over the nation. They are also one of the highest rated charities and almost 90% of all donations are put towards the cause.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will this scratch my vehicle?
Answer: No. The magnets are made with 30 mil thick magnetic material and coated with a Matte Black Vinyl. They do not scratch, stick or leave any residue behind whatsoever. Don't worry, these won't damage your car one bit.

Question: Is the magnet easy to move around/take off/put back on?
Yes, the magnet is extremely easy to take off, put back on, and relocate anywhere you want to around you car. They are extremely durable and stick great on your car, but they are easy to take off for everybody.

Question: How long until I receive my magnet from the time I order to the time it arrives in the mail?
Answer: On average, your order will be delivered between 4 - 7 days after placement. If you order now, you should have it by the same time next week or even sooner.

Question: How big are these magnet? 
These magnets are approximately six inches wide and three and three-quarters inches tall (6 x 3.75). We also have a larger version of the same magnet available. Click HERE to see.

Question: Is it easy for someone to steal?
We have never heard of an instance of someone stealing one of our magnets, although it is possible. They look like stickers from a distance and it would be very difficult to tell the difference unless a person got up close.

Question: Will the magnets fall off in the car wash?
We have kept ours on during many car washes and they haven't fallen off one time. However, it would probably be good practice to take them off before washing your car, just in case.

Question: Can I talk to someone with additional questions?
Yes! If you have any questions, please email us at, or contact us via our Facebook Page. We are very responsive and will get back to you as soon as we can.

Reviews & Testimonials

  • "Just got mine in this afternoon, and I’m in love with them!! I was surprised at how easy it was to relocate them, the size is perfect, and they add a certain aggressive look to my truck lol. Definitely going to get my buddies to buy some, can’t wait to show these off! "- Johnathan Lee
  • "Great quality, well constructed flag magnet. Time will tell how long it lasts though I likely won't leave it on 24/7. Great company that also supports veterans. Check them out!" - Jim
  • "Being skeptical of putting decals on the paint of any of my vehicles, I was looking for an alternative to show my patriotism. I found the Tactilian American Flag Magnet to be very durable and a quality product. The magnet is strong and the size is perfect for my Landcruiser. Thanks Tactilian for the fast shipping too. @Lx_plore" - John P Gray
  • "These magnets are amazing. Makes the truck look better, in my opinion. Tactilian makes a great product and they are super responsive to any questions or concerns. Definitely going to be ordering more soon." - Steven Hong
  • "If I could give this product a 6th star, I would. Easily applied... it’s a magnet. Looks great on my Red Taco. Thanks to the guys over at Tactilian. They even responded to my post on IG." - Richard Janzer
  • "Tactilian is hands down the best vendor I’ve ever bought from. The quality and craftsmanship is second to none. It’s strong enough to withstand the harsh Alaskan winter year after year. I’ve had it for 2 years now and the color hasn’t fade one bit. It looks just as new as the day I got it. Tyler did an amazing job on the custom magnet I ordered from him. Will definitely return for more in the future. Forget flag stickers and get yourself some badass magnet from Tactilian you won’t regret it." - Tom
  • "These are by far the best car magnets I have ever owned. The strength of the magnet is amazing for keeping dirt and dust out from behind the magnet and scratching your paint, but remove easy enough to play with where they are located when you want to switch things up. My favorite thing about them is the support strip options they have on their website (firefighter, military, police.) I got the firefighter strip to support my best friend." - ClayAlex93
  • "Got 3 sets of the small flags and the red and blue stripe inserts (one set for each of 3 of my vehicles). They're all incredibly well made, stick super well through high speeds and bad weather, and most importantly of all in the age of the gram, they look amazing. Check out his Instagram for endless pics of them on cool rigs. But seriously he also donates a portion of the proceeds to an amazing veterans organization so put them on all your vehicles to make them instantly cooler, show your pride, and support vets all at the same time." - Patrick Sweeney
  • "These things are amazing!!! Been trying to look for something similar but all I could find was either stickers or sometime of vinyls for car but these magnets are the best. Easy to put and easy to remove. Great company and happy to support our troops!" - Alan
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